January 16, 2018

Who can secure blacklisted loans in South Africa?

there are numerous circumstances that can lead to a person becoming blacklisted. this may be because you have lost your job and are unable to repay debts or other emergency expenses may emerge, such as hospital bills. getting a loan may seem impossible after this, but it is possible to get blacklisted loans in south africa.

there are a number of online providers of blacklisted loans in south africa. when deciding on a provider, make sure that their credentials are legitimate and that they have a verifiable track record. it is advisable to only consider options from established institutes and stay clear of loan sharks who often lack transparency and can make your borrowing a very costly and unviable option.

you can choose to engage an expert to act on your behalf and help find and negotiate the best deal for you. credible institutes will have minimum criteria for blacklisted clients and some of the main ones are summarised next:

minimum requirements for blacklisted loans in south africa include:

  • being a south african citizen with a green bar-coded id book.
  • being over 18 years old.
  • having been employed by the same company for 3 or more months.
  • having a bank account that is 3 or more months old.
  • having a salary that is paid every month directly into your bank account.
  • or, being able to provide proof that you are self-employed, such as your business’s registration certificate as well as proof of income.

those who generally don’t qualify for blacklisted loans in south africa include:

  • non-south african citizens.
  • those who only earn a living through commission, especially where historic income has been very erratic.
  • those who are currently under debt review.

convenient loan applications

in addition to access to finance for blacklisted individuals, one can also quickly and easily apply online for a blacklisted loan. by filling out a loan application or working with a respected facilitator, you would have taken the first step towards getting a loan and having it approved. depending on who you apply through, you will get a phone call or an email with information indicating whether or not you qualify for blacklisted loans in south africa.

for specialised advice and assistance from start to finish with your blacklisted loan application, contact our team at approved today. we assure you of efficient help and reliable service from the moment you engage us.

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