January 16, 2018

Vehicle Financing – An Overview of Leasing

when you are short of budget and still want to purchase a new car, then you should avail a vehicle financing scheme. and if you are one of those fanatic car lovers who want to change their cars every year or so, then you should opt for a car – leasing scheme.

the leasing process consists of the following main steps. online transaction is recommended because it’s the fastest way to get a deal.
vehicle financing
1. decide your make and model

research all car models which you like and choose any of them, keeping in mind considerations such as size and fuel costs. also get a quote for insurance costs. leasing can allow you to get great vehicles but if you ignore insurance rates, you might have to adjust your budget.

2. select an appropriate leasing scheme

the features of leasing deals vary with each organization. some deals offer zero cash or low monthly payments. some may offer both. even though the low monthly payments option seems more feasible at the surface, it is better to avail an offer with no down payment.

down payments are also called cap reductions. these must be avoided altogether or kept to a minimum. this is because if you experience an accident with the car, your insurance company will cover all major expenses but you will lose your down payment. in the case that you simply cannot afford your monthly payments above a certain amount without restraining your other expenses, then still take the option with a low down payment. save the extra money that you were to use for your down payment in a separate account, and take out your monthly payments from it.

3. find a car showroom which has your chosen model and color in stock

search all showrooms of your chosen manufacturer, and find which one can provide your selected car and color in the minimum possible time. also request a quote. make sure that your leasing dealer finances that model. contact the manager or another authorized person who can brief you about costs covered in the package and if there are other additional fees.

4. finalize a lease scheme

you should obtain quotes from at least three to four organizations. select the one which best suits your needs. you will have to be flexible with the color and make if you want to get a good deal in terms of money. contact your insurance company as well so that they can initiate their process. when you acquire possession of the car, thoroughly go through the lease agreement, making sure all information is correct.

5. take delivery
when you have signed the contract and completed all paperwork, request a representative to inspect your car for dents and scratches and obtain a manual and spare key. also get your own copy of the lease agreement.

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