January 16, 2018

Secure a Brighter Future with Student Loans

student loans remain a popular option for many young people – aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, academics and so on – to secure a brighter future. higher education unlocks the door to endless possibilities, which is why finding finance for a degree or diploma has become an important issue for thousands of parents and prospective students alike.

student loans can be likened to lifelines without which the youth, lacking the means to pay for tertiary education, face a bleak and uncertain future. for many students in south africa, the hope of securing a bursary or scholarship to fund higher education, is few and far in between.
the ever increasing tuition fees and textbook costs have further put a university degree out of the hands of those who cannot afford it. hence the quota of graduates is being ‘diluted’ so to say, as many with the potential of becoming graduates are marginalised due to finances. this somehow highlights the important role played by lenders of student loans that evidently also has a social role to play.

recourse to government funds in developing countries towards post matric qualifications are in short supply with stringent application criteria typically attached. south africa joins the likes of chile, hungary and south korea who have looked to the private capital markets to help source the necessary funding for students without the means themselves. as pointed out, financial institutions have as a result become a vital partner in the drive towards improving the skills base in south africa, and providing students wishing to improve their intellectual abilities with a more realistic chance of ensuring a better life.

utilizing a student loan facility to secure finance for furthering your studies also encourages you to learn more about managing your personal finances, which of-course is regarded as a life skill. responsibility, drive and focus can be great spin off’s to borrowing finance for a “good cause” -provided self-discipline is in practised. loans may be one of the scariest words on the planet faced by a student, but it does not need to be intimidating and you can also seek help from reputable facilitators.

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