January 16, 2018

Providers of study loans in South Africa

higher education is very important for securing your future, and that is why many south africans are keen to study further after completing high school. however, tertiary education can be very expensive, especially for the majority of people who need the education, but simply cannot afford it. this is primarily why study loans in south africa have been made available. they help people without the money to pay for tuition and other educational material, in order to comfortably attend school or college without worrying about finances.

most student loan providers do not require repayment until after the student graduates. they only require monthly payments of the interest on the loan amount, while the student is studying; then the loan will be repaid monthly after they graduate and presumably start working. in addition, you can get a grace period after graduating if you have to do volunteer work, community service or articles as a requirement after completing your chosen course.

below is a list of reputable providers of study loans in south africa. it is not an exhaustive list but offers a few of the credible options:

  • personal – a parent, guardian or sponsor on behalf of the student can open an personal student loan. this is especially helpful if the student is below 18 years of age. above the age of 18 the loan options increase.
  • eduloan – this is the premier provider of study loans in south africa. they have competitive interest rates from as little as prime +1%.
  • quick – a student loan from quick means you can negotiate for flexible repayments during your studies and after.
  • south-africa – a life start student loan has been developed to give peace of mind. it includes a no obligation quote that is valid for 10 days to give you time to consider the loan option.

qualification criteria for study loans in south africa are generally the same. they include:

  • the student having passed matric
  • the course being studied needs to be seta or saqa accredited
  • the student needs to be a south african citizen or permanent resident

by applying for study loans in south africa from one of the above providers, you will have a chance to focus on your studies without worrying about finances for your fees, learning materials and even accommodation.

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