January 16, 2018

Options for Vehicle Financing

vehicle financing options for when you are out to buy a new car, you pay thevehicle financing options full amount and take it home or you sign a contract
with a dealer. the dealer will either get the car leased to you or give you a car loan to purchase it by
yourself. the latter situation is termed as vehicle financing and the former situation is its opposite.

a bank can also serve the same purpose and lend you enough money to buy a car but a dealer is recommended because it is more convenient for someone with a full time job. all you have to do is go to their office, choose a model, fill out a few forms, and drive back home in your selected car. you don’t have to take time out from your work; you can do it during off hours or on weekends. the drawback is that dealers charge a high amount but you can pay it back at your convenience. the increase in rate is
dependent on your credit conditions.

a dealership can help you with vehicle financing in three different ways:

1. you can purchase the vehicle.
2. you can get leasing for the vehicle.
3. you can pay cash for the vehicle.

here is a detailed review of these options.

you purchase the vehicle

if you want to buy the car under your name and just need a dealership to help you finance it, then  you have to fill out an application which assesses your credit score. the dealership will use this score and other factors such as the car price, sales tax and licensing fee to arrange a loan through one of its lending institutions. most of the manufacturers have set up their own companies for this purpose.

you have to pay the amount back in a time period of three to four years. the longer the time period is, the lower will be the monthly payment. the interest rate, loan amount and down payment also contribute towards calculating a monthly payment value.

the car will be transferred to your name only when you have paid all the monthly payments.

you get leasing for the vehicle

if you want the car leased, then also you will have to fill out a few forms which assess your credit score. then the dealer will buy a lease for you through the bank. the lease will be dependent on your score and the time period for which you want the vehicle.

you can choose the leasing period and the amount of advanced payment. three years and a small amount are advisable. use the drive – off fees option for later payments.

you pay cash for the vehicle

this is the simplest option if you can arrange cash. give the dealer a check after negotiating the car price. if you do this, you only have to pay the factory price and registration fee, and no other extra costs.

the amount can be arranged through lending institutes. they issue you a check which you can hand out to the dealer. the car is held under their name until you’ve paid back the money.

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