January 16, 2018

Home loan debt consolidation quick guide

increasing cost of living expenses have led to a number of families looking for a way to decrease the monthly repayments on things like their credit cards, clothing accounts and vehicle loans. one of the best ways to easily manage spiralling debt is consolidate all of your smaller repayments into a home debt consolidation loan. this piece will serve as a brief guide on how you can secure your family’s financial freedom through home loan debt consolidation.

what is home loan debt consolidation?

this option works similarly to regular debt consolidation, only you’re consolidating all of your previous debt into your home loan. people usually choose to consolidate smaller debts such as retail store accounts, bank issued and retail store issued credit cards. all of these smaller debts are bundled into your home loan repayment allowing you to better manage your repayments, whilst simultaneously bringing down your interest repayments.

things to be weary of

home loan debt consolidation is often touted as a great way to get out of debt. but while these loans do help many families clear their debt, there are still huge risks involved if the loan is not well managed. borrowing money against your house can backfire if you’re not careful. defaulting on this loan could lead to the bank repossessing your most valuable asset – your home.

discipline is key

consolidating your debt can give you the space you need to keep your head above water, however, with this additional breathing space comes temptation. once your smaller debts have been shifted into an affordable repayment, you have more free cash which can again be consumed or lead to further overspending and indebtedness. if you’re serious about your home loan debt consolidation loan, you’ll get rid of any unnecessary credit cards and retail accounts that may be new or unconsolidated. falling back into your bad habits can have massive repercussions for both you and your family.

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