September 8, 2015

Providers of study loans in South Africa

higher education is very important for securing your future, and that is why many south africans are keen to study further after completing high school. however, tertiary education can be very expensive, especially for the majority of people who need the education, but simply cannot afford it. this is primarily why study loans in south […]

Do you qualify for online loans in South Africa?

There has been an increase in providers of online loans in south africa over the last few years. they have managed to successfully assist thousands of people in need of financial assistance with quick and easy loans. one of the reasons why online loans have been successful is that many people have easy access to […]

Best Study Loans Options for a Brighter New Year

so you’ve chosen to further your studies in the new year? that’s probably the best decision you can make for your future, but the future seems a long way away – doesn’t it? in fact, you’re probably wondering how you will accumulate the money to pay for your studies. working and studying at the same […]

Student Loans for a Brighter Future

although bursaries and other forms of grants are always the preferred form of financial aid, a lot of students don’t have this luxury and have to rely on student loans. to most students a student loan can help them to concentrate on studying rather than worrying about sourcing of funds. this article analyses the advantages […]

Secure a Brighter Future with Student Loans

student loans remain a popular option for many young people – aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, academics and so on – to secure a brighter future. higher education unlocks the door to endless possibilities, which is why finding finance for a degree or diploma has become an important issue for thousands of parents and prospective students alike. […]

Paying Off Your Student Loans Fast

paying off

you are now a one of the fresh graduates out to conquer the world. before you set your sights in climbing the career ladder, don’t be weighed down by your student loans first. take time to study your options in how you can quickly pay off the loans so you can be on your way […]

A Word on Borrowing and Repaying Student Loans

a word on borrowing

you need to bridge that college education funds gap. you find out about student loans and wonder if this is right for you. here are some tips that might help you borrow sensibly. it is still borrowing isn’t it? a student loan is still a loan even if you don’t have to pay the loan […]

Dos and Don’t s of Student Loans

female student

getting a student loan for the first time can be quite a challenge. it is new and the fate of your future education rests in the hands of a private lender or the government.  you need help. a student loan is expensive and you don’t just sign a lot of papers and head straight to […]

Student Loans Primer


are you thinking of getting a student loan to pay for your college education? learn the facts first on student loans so you will pass and succeed with flying colors. accrued interest-interests on student loans are accrued over time default rate-a student is in default when he or she hasn’t kept up with payments. the […]

The Pros and Cons of Student Loans


if you are one the many who cannot afford to go to college, you probably need assistance in bridging the gap. if you have heard of student loans and you are seriously considering getting one, you better know the pros and cons. it’s always a good policy to know what you are going into wisely. […]

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