January 16, 2018

Career development solutions | Bank student loans

tertiary education is very important for securing your future in today’s competitive world. however, it is often very expensive to pursue one’s dreams and those not fortunate to qualify for scholarships or bursaries may need to apply for bank student loans. these prove to be most helpful in allowing would-be students to pay for their further learning and focus on their studies without worrying about fees.

here are a few reasons worth considering when opting for bank student loans, to pay for your tuition:

  • you can pay tuition for the year’s studies at once and you will be able to register as soon as the amount has been paid.
  • the tuition is paid directly to the institution by the bank. this means you do not need to worry about transferring the money to the learning institution.
  • bank student loans only need to be repaid after completion of studies. you only need to worry about repayment once you have started working
  • a grace period for repayment is given for those doing articles, internships and community service after completing their studies.
  • there are some student loan options where you will usually pay interest only on the loan amount every month while you study. however, after graduation, you will need to start repaying the loan. although one has to come up with the interest payments, this route results in the entire loan being settled much sooner which is a great plus for someone starting their career.

in addition to the above, bank student loans can help you with other expenses while you study; some of these include:

  • textbooks and stationery that are required for your studies.
  • equipment for studying purposes such as laptops and other tools like drawing boards or stethoscopes.
  • accommodation can also be included in the loan. this is usually available for those who do not live with their parents or guardians and are studying in a different city to their home city.

another major advantage of bank student loans is the flexible repayment options. they are calculated according to how much you will be able to pay after your studies have been completed and the results of your risk assessment.looking at the big picture, it is evident that bank student loans are a reliable and flexible option for those wishing to continue their studies past high school. you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have the finances to take care of fees and other study material.

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