March 24, 2017

south africa’s credit amnesty act passed

despite some opposition from the banking industry, the credit amnesty act recently became law after a cabinet ruling. the new legislation is designed to assist consumers who have successfully repaid their debts become creditworthy again in less time. under the credit amnesty act, major credit bureaus will be required to purge negative information from the […]

simplifying debt counselling

the current economic climate means that many more south africans are struggling with debt than in previous years. this debt is becoming too much to handle and consumers are finding themselves being hounded by aggressive creditors. fortunately, debt ridden consumers can now apply for debt counselling thanks to the national credit act of 2007. this […]

ncr debt counselling

  what is ncr debt counselling? national credit regulator debt counselling is a form of debt restructuring overseen by a debt counsellor registered with the ncr. this designation indicates a number of benefits for clients, namely the services of a counsellor with advanced knowledge of the process and who has met rigorous standards for creditor […]

debt counseling process

  what exactly is debt counselling? debt counselling is a process of account repayment negotiation for individuals with unmanageable debts they are unable to realistically repay each month. a financial consultant versed in south african debt settlement law is able to work with each creditor for improved repayment terms. many different creditors are willing to […]

debt counselling fees

debt counselling is a beneficial move for individuals seeking to get their unmanageable consumer debt under control. a knowledgeable debt counsellor can act as an intermediary between borrowers and creditors as well as offer advice for better financial management. having a debt counsellor negotiate with each creditor individually can take a longer time period, but […]

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